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Now you can order a signed copy of my novel Destined, the first book in the Circle series, instead of having to track me down in person! 


Step through the Circle and immerse yourself in a world where science and magic intermingle, and the line between reality and dream disappears.

Mari, Gren, and Hal were making the most of the last summer before their senior year. But then Mari met Laria, and the entire world changed. With only a few half-remembered dreams to guide her, Mari leads the group on a quest across unknown lands in a desperate race against the clock. They encounter allies and enemies along the way, including a group of jealous leshii, several ticked off deities, and a dragon whose dinner they inadvertently stole. If they do not reach the sanctuary in time, chaos threatens not only Aorea, but also the world they abandoned: Earth.


Loosely inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, Destined is the debut novel of Melissa A. Ivanco-Murray, whose background in language, folklore, and engineering combine with military experience to add a fresh spin on fantasy tropes. You may find unicorns and dragons in the land of Aorea, but they will not be the ones you'd expect.

Signed copy of Destined (Circle 1)

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