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Now you can order a signed copy of my novel Hidden, the second book in the Circle series, instead of having to track me down in person!


"Hidden is a wildly entertaining epic adventure novel that keeps you hooked to its pages with its colorful characters, intricate storytelling, and stupendous worldbuilding."  - Readers' Favorite Magazine

Welcome back to Aorea, where science and magic intermingle, and the line between reality and dream disappears.


An unknown shadow brews in the West, clouded from the Spinner's sight. Laria calls the Destined back to Aorea to find and face the darkness she cannot see. Join Mari, Gren, Ruv, and their newest friends as they hunt the source of the mysterious shadow across inhospitable lands, where no one has tread for eons...or at least, so they think. As they uncover Aorea's oldest, most well-kept secrets, they cannot help but wonder if some truths are better left forgotten.


Loosely inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, Hidden is the second novel in the Circle Series by Melissa A. Ivanco-Murray, whose background in language, folklore, and nuclear engineering combine with her military experience to add a fresh spin on fantasy tropes. You may find unicorns and dragons in the land of Aorea, but they will not be the ones you'd expect.

Signed copy of Hidden (Circle 2)

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