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The original artwork for my Slavic Tarot deck is drawn with copic markers on 12x12 cardstock, with two cards per picture. Drawn by hand with vibrant colors, each piece of art in the deck is rich with the folklore, fairy tales, and mythology of the Ancient Slavs, updated for modern times.


This pairing features the thirteenth and fourteenth cards of the Major Arcana: the Hanged Man and Death. The Hanged Man card (on the left) is represented by a Rusalka, an eerie spirit--often said to be the ghost of a drowned woman--who lured unsuspecting men to drowning in whatever body of water she haunted. Death (on the right) is represented by the infamous Baba-Yaga, a chthonic-deity-turned-folklore-villain who lived in a hut of bones and either ate or helped children, depending on whether they could pass her tests. She rode in a mortar, steered with the pestle, and swept away her tracks with a broom.


Add this beautiful and unique piece of art to your collection--you know you want to!

Tarot Art XII Rusalka and XIII Baba-Yaga

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